Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles


1. Let's Make a DateEdit

Wayne: Charismatic politician running for governor
Colin: Thinks Brad is absolutely repulsive
Ryan: Astronaut with an alien inside him

Points: 100 points to Colin for finally telling the truth about Brad

2. Film, Theater, and Telivision StylesEdit

Scene: Colin suspects his rival, Ryan, of cheating in a fly fishing competition
Styles: Western, Disaster, Porno,

Points: 100 points to Ryan for making Drew think of him naked

3. DuetEdit

Song Style: Swing

Points: None

4. Wierd NewscastersEdit

Wayne: Teenager being dumped by his girlfriend
Colin: A kid showing off in class
Ryan: Getting younger and younger
Anchor (Brad): Chuck Sirloin
Top story: Vice President Al Gore was at a fundraiser, where he walked around in women's lingerie for charity purposes. People say he looked good in a pink slip.

Points: Non-scoring round

5. Moving PeopleEdit

Scene: Colin is an outlaw robbing Ryan's stagecoach

Points: None

6. Scene to RapEdit

Scene: at a summer camp

Points: None

7. 90 Second AlphabetEdit

Scene: Drew is in a restaurant, complaining to a temperamental waiter, Ryan.
Starting letter: G




During Let's Make a Date

Brad (to Colin who thinks Brad is repulsive): Woo me!

Colin: What ya?

Brad: Woo me!

Colin: Alright, just once! (brushing Brad away with his hands) Woo! Wooh! Woooh! Wooh!

Brad: You might not win.

During Film, Theater, and Telivision Styles

(Ryan and Colin are in a disaster movie)

Ryan: My God! All the water in the's going, the fish are just lying on the beach.

Colin: And they're bursting into flames.

Ryan: And the ground's starting to shake.

Colin (points to the sky): Meteor! There's only one hope.

Ryan: Run from side to side?

Colin: Yes!

During Weird Newscasters

Brad: I feel like the meat in an incompetent sandwich.

90 Second Alphabet

Drew: Garcon! There's something wrong with my food here. It's a little cold.

Ryan: Ha ha ha! I'm not your waiter, sir.

Drew: I thought you told said the big thing, "Hi, I am gonna be..."

Ryan: Just because I speak to you doesn't mean I must serve you.

Drew: Knife? Can I have a knife?

Ryan: Let me get you a knife. (pantomimes throwing the knife at his stomach)

Drew: Lucky I was wearing my knife-proof vest.

Ryan: (almost breaks because of Drew's mistake) Many people have said that to me before! M-many!

Drew: Now, what are you gonna do about my meal?

Ryan: Oh! Suddenly you want a free meal. Is that what you're saying?

Drew: Perhaps! That's what I'd like, a free meal would be a good place to start.

Ryan: (brings his hand up to his ear) Que?

Drew: Right now, you better get your manager, young man.

Ryan: Super. I will. (As manager) Yes, you had a problem, sir?

Drew: Take your time! I've been waiting here for five minutes. My food is cold, the waiter's been nasty to me...

Ryan: Usually I don't come out at all, but the waiter said this was important.

Drew: Very good! I'd like a free meal.

Ryan: Well, who wouldn't?

Drew: Xaviera Hollander told me to come here and eat at this restaurant.

Ryan: Yes, yes, she comes here quite often. I've heard from her.

Drew: Zigfried and Roy told me it was a good restaurant.

Ryan: Absolutely, they've all had dinner here.

Drew: Bozo the Clown said they had the best desserts here.

Ryan: Clowns! We never serve clowns!

Drew: Don't you deny it!

Ryan: (pantomimes taking something out of his pocket) Eclaire?

Drew: Fine! I'm just gonna leave, and I'll take my business elsewhere...

Ryan: Good! B-bye!


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