Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles


1. Weird NewscastersEdit

Colin: Bad stand-up comic
Wayne: On a public address system in a big stadium
Ryan: A stock market trader watching his life savings disappear
Brad (Anchor):
Top Story:

Let's Make a DateEdit

Wayne':' The greatest lover in France
Colin: Going through all the stages of getting drunk
Ryan: Pig farmer from Arkansas

Points: 1000 points to Ryan for reading Drew's mind

2. Scene to RapEdit

Scene: Hospital

Points: 1000 points to Wayne because the ladies love the way he walks

3. AnimalsEdit

Points: None

4. PropsEdit

Points: A million and a half points for Colin for kissing Greg

5. Moving PeopleEdit

Points: None

6. NewsflashEdit

Scene: King Kong movie
Reporter: Drew


Ryan and Greg


Scene to Rap:

Wayne: Well, there we go, that's that.

We better call the nurse right up this stat.
Because this guy, he might lose his life race
Because don't you see, he is a terminal case.
We need the doc and we need a nurse
Hurry to it stat, man I can't rehearse.
We gotta save his life.
He has kids and wife.
And if we're not capable, he'll go under the knife.

Greg: Oh-Ok so he's gonna die.

But I gotta ask myself why.
I don't know why I'm here, I'm a neurologist.
I'm with you and you're a proctologist.

Ryan: I'm the doctor, on the go

And oddly enough, my name's Dr. No
If I could rap, that would be a sensation.
But I can't you see, I'm just a caucasian.

Colin: Hey there buddies, look at him.

He's dead, he's dead, and his name is Jim.
What once was is no longer were.
He's coming with me, I'm the Grim Reaper.

During Weird Newscasters:

Colin (after kissing Greg): My God! I am truly a man!

During Greatest Hits:

Ryan: Hi! We interrupt the commercial to bring you another commercial.

Colin: Remeber this Michael Jackson hit: "You're not on my root" (Looks over at Ryan) Would it be route? Route!

Ryan: Michael Jackson. A wonderful singer and a great head coach.

Ryan (to Colin): How much would you pay for a five CD-set like this, or even a fifty CD-set like this?

Colin: Why, I'd pay up to fifty thousand dollars... But, I'm an idiot!
Ryan: And you're from Canada, so with the exchange...?
Colin: I'm still an idiot!

Colin: You know, when driving on the bus, or as our Canadian friends say a boos...


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